9 Wholegrain Blend


500 grams
Nine is better than one -- that's why we've imported this blend of nine whole grains just for you. Grains are important sources of many nutrients, including dietary fiber, several B vitamins and minerals. Dietary fiber from whole grains may help reduce blood cholesterol levels and lower the risk of heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Enjoy the benefits of all nine grains in our special blend -- try making it into a flavourful loaf of bread or muffin. We recommend replacing just 20% of the regular flour in your recipe with our grain blend. We bring our wholegrain blend to you all the way from InfraReady Products in Canada. Ingredients: Brown flax (Canadian origin), Precooked AnthoGrain wheat flakes (Canadian origin), Precooked Triticale flakes (Canadian origin), Precooked rye flakes (Canadian origin), Precooked barley flakes (Canadian origin), White sesame seed (Indian origin), Precooked Spelt Meal (Canadian Origin), Organic Quinoa (Bolivian/Peruvian Origin), Hulled Millet (U.S.A. Origin)
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