Amphora Organic Soft Dried Mulberries


113 grams
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Amphora Dried White Mulberries are like sweet chewy jewels of good ness! Originating in Asia, they were used by the Greeks and Romans for their many health benefits thousands of years ago. In fact, The Roman Lyric poet Horace called them "the secret to long life". The Chinese have used the leaves of the Mulberry tree to feed their silkworms, to make tea, and for a variety of health issues for centuries. Today, they are still grown on the Mediterranean fields that grew them in ancient times in modern day Turkey. With great care, tradition, and ideal weather conditions, our white mulberries are small organic treats, sun dried to perfection! A great addition to your morning cereal, granola, or a surprising new taste for your baked goods! Eat well, live well.
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