Why turmeric?


Throughout history, our ancestors have relied on numerous herbs and spices, not only for cooking but for their powerful healing properties. Few have survived the test of time quite like turmeric, arguably the.  most well-studied dietary supplement in modern natural medicine.  


5 Benefits of Nut Butters


Woohoo! Foodsterr has officially come out with our own line of nut butters! Our range of nut butters are guaranteed organic and preservatives free, so you won't have to worry about all the unnecessary junk you tend to see in the regular jars of nut butters. The purer the ingredients, the better! What's more, there are some unique flavours in our line to help change up your usual nut butter palette, so what are you waiting for - grab yourself a bottle before it sells out.




The range includes: 

  • Organic Notella Hazelnut Cacao Butter with Coconut Sugar
  • Organic Cashew Butter
  • Organic Cashew Chia Butter
  • Organic Almond Butter
  • Organic Almond Cacao Butter
  • Organic Hazelnut Butter


To celebrate this launch, we decided to share 5 health benefits of nuts & nut butters as a whole. Here at Foodsterr, we believe that there is nothing better than healthy food that tastes amazing. So make yourself a nut butter snack & get reading!


1. Source of Healthy Fats

Nuts are an amazing source of healthy, unsaturated fats! Now wait, don't go scrolling away in fear just yet, healthy fats are actually good for the body! Our bodies need healthy fats in order to thrive. Healthy fats are important to help support our metabolism, increase immunity and fight mental fatigue. All very important factors that help dictate our mood and energy levels in our everyday lives.


2. Weight Control

Another key importance of healthy fats is how it helps us feel fuller and more satiated throughout the day. This might come as a shock to some who think that fats = weight gain. Now, this is not necessarily true! Because the healthy fats and higher protein and fiber content in nuts help increase levels of satiety, it is proven that we tend to consume fewer calories on a diet with an adequate amount of healthy fats vs someone else who doesn't. However, it is indeed calorically dense but a small handful goes a long way anyway. Who would have thought that (healthy) fats = a method for weight control, but there you go!


3. Nutrient Dense

Nuts are highly nutrient dense food, rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (like vitamins E & B6) and minerals (like magnesium, protein, and copper). Consider nuts or nut butters as an option for a highly nutritious snack!


4. Antioxidant Galore

Nuts are rich in the antioxidant - polyphenols, which help neutralize free radicals to fight oxidative stress and protect our cells from damage. Amazing!


5. Good for your Heart

Nuts have the potential to significantly reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke. This is because nuts benefit our cholesterol levels and improve our body's artery function.


What are you waiting for? Try Foodsterr's Organic Nut Butter Range Now!


Debra Pereira 

Start Your Baby’s Healthy Eating Journey With Rudolfs!


The story began at home. Rudolfs was born because a mother, like every other mother, wanted the best for her child. She kept developing new recipes and would not rest until they were perfected to the last ingredient. With the desire to deliver the highest quality food for babies the story and incorporation of Rudolfs began.

Babies grow faster in their first year than at any time in their lives, so what you feed your little one is one of the most important decisions you make. Thankfully we have products like Rudolfs organic baby food, that make you feel good about what you are feeding your baby. Using the highest standards of quality, fruits and vegetables are carefully packed and sealed, guaranteeing only the best ingredients go into each little spoonful you give your child. Rudolfs carefully selects raw material suppliers and thoroughly controls each step of the manufacturing process. Rudolfs organic baby products are 100% natural with no additives, no added sugar and no preservatives.  We take pride in providing premium quality baby foods which are BRC accredited, organic and halal certified. Uncompromising on quality and 100% natural, only Rudolfs gives you the natural taste your baby loves!

We carry a wide range of products that serve as a nutritious meal for your little one.



1. Rudolfs Organic Pear, Banana & Gooseberry Puree 4+ Months

Crafted for babies from 4 months, this recipe's nourishing pears, mashed bananas and fresh gooseberries create a winning combo of flavor and fiber while providing your little one a full day's worth of Vitamin C. Pears are gentle on the stomach and help speed up digestion. Bananas are packed with important nutrients and help your baby grow strong bones. Rudolfs gluten free organic baby puree contains 100% fruits (65% pear, 28% banana and 7% gooseberry). Available in 110g and in 880g (8pcs).

2. Rudolfs Organic Apple, Banana, Prune & Biscuits Puree 6+ Months

This fruit puree full of vitamins and freshness will surely be loved by your baby, with new tastes so fruity and so sweet. Apple and bananas complement each other perfectly and supplement the growing body’s needs by providing a variety of nutrients. Prunes are rich in vitamins and fiber and help maintain digestion. Rudolfs organic baby puree is made from 67.5% apple, 25.5% banana, 4% prunes, 3% biscuits (wheat flour, butter, sour cream, potato starch). Available in 110g and in 880g (8pcs).

3. Rudolfs Organic Pear & Prune Puree 4+ Months

Pears and prunes are a fruity match made in heaven! They are a happy-belly staple for babies. They are a great choice for one of baby’s first fruits are they are gentle on the stomach, good for digestion and are high in fiber, potassium and vitamins. Rudolfs organic baby puree is made from 100% fruits (75% pear, 25% prunes). Available in 110g and in 880g (8pcs).

4. Rudolfs Organic Mango, Banana & Quince Puree 4+ Months

This recipe is all about the exciting flavors of juicy mangoes, organic bananas and quince. Mango is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. It helps in digestion and boosts baby’s immunity level. Banana and quince are rich in nutrients like Vitamins A, B, C, fiber and minerals like potassium which contribute to baby’s good health. Rudolfs gluten free organic baby puree is made from 100% fruits (68% mango, 30% banana, 2% quince). It’s definitely a yummy meal with a balanced, just-sweet-enough flavor. Available in 110g and in 880g (8pcs).

5. Rudolfs Organic Apple, Banana, Strawberry and Cream 6+ Months

Who doesn’t love the combination of fruits and cream? Organic apples, bananas, strawberries and cream come together to make this hearty, textured fruit puree. Apples, bananas and berries are packed with nutrients essential for your baby’s good health. Cream provides calcium for your baby and strawberries supplement it with vitamin C which is extremely essential to strengthen your baby's immunity. Rudolfs organic baby puree is made from 58% apple, 21% banana, 17% strawberry and 4% cream. Available in 110g and in 880g (8pcs).

6. Rudolfs Organic Apple, Banana & Blueberry Puree 4+ Months

Tasty trio! Packed with fruits that help in heart and bone development, this puree provides a big dose of nutrients to your baby in a super tasty way! Bananas and blueberries are a great pair, and apples are tasty in almost any recipe. Blueberries are a super food when it comes to antioxidants, and it is important to add them to your baby’s diet. They reduce the severity and duration of colds, kill bacteria and protect eyesight. Rudolfs gluten free organic baby puree is made from 100% fruits (53% apple, 35% banana, 12% blueberry). Available in 110g for and in 880g (8pcs).

7. Rudolfs Organic Carrot, Pumpkin & Potato Baby Puree 4+ Months

Made with a full serving of vegetables, this yummy jar will surely be a winner with your baby’s expanding taste buds. Pumpkin not only contains essential nutrients but is also rich in tryptophan, which has been shown to help baby relax, unwind and sleep better. Potato is one of the safest vegetables that may be introduced as an early food to your baby. It is rich in carbohydrates and provides ample energy to your growing baby. Lastly, carrot boosts baby’s eye health.  Rudolfs organic baby puree contains 20% pumpkin, 30% potato, water and 15% carrot. Available in 190g.

8. Rudolfs Organic Mango Baby Puree 4+ Months

This puree is mango-nificent! Mangoes are one of the healthiest fruits you can offer your baby. They are highly nutritious and needless to say, delicious. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals which enhance brain development, protect eyesight, develop immunity and speed up digestion for your growing baby. Rudolfs gluten free organic mango baby puree contains 100% mango. Available in 120g.



9. Rudolfs Organic Cauliflower Baby Puree 4+ Months

You would want your baby to develop a taste and liking for vegetables right from the beginning. This is where Rudolfs comes in handy! Try Rudolfs gluten free organic cauliflower baby puree that promotes bone development, digestion and immunity for your baby. Available in 120g.

10. Rudolfs Organic Whole Grain Oat Baby Porridge with Fruits 4+ Months

Breakfast in a jar! This perfect combination of whole grain oat porridge and wholesome fruits serves as a nutritious meal to fill your baby’s stomach. Oats are highly nutritional. The high fiber content makes them easily digestible. Mixing wholegrain oats and fruits can give your infant an opportunity to experience a variety of flavors as well as obtain a wide range of nutrients. Rudolfs gluten free organic porridge jar contains 65% fruits (banana, mango, apple), water and 5% whole grain oat flakes. Available in 120g.

11. Rudolfs Organic Risotto for Babies 8+ Months

This traditional Italian dish makes a mildly-spiced meal for babies who are fond of bland yet tasty food. The vegetables provide vitamins and fiber, while the cheese adds protein and calcium to your baby's diet.  It's great for kids that are new to solids as it is tasty, easy to eat and nutritious. Rudolfs organic risotto contains 23% carrot, 16% cauliflower, 4,5% rice, 4% green peas, 3% cheese and spices: garlic, dill, parsley. Available in 190g.

We consider and appreciate the benefits of consuming natural organic products and if you share these values, then Rudolfs products are the ones for your child! Bon appétit baby!


Areej Khan



NEW IN – Foodsterr Grab and Go Collection

NEW IN – Foodsterr Grab and Go Collection

NEW IN – Foodsterr Grab and Go Collection

Foodsterr launched our very own Grab and Go Collection – featuring our best-selling products in smaller packaging. Available in 34 different products, our Grab and Go Collection comes in sizes 75g, 100g and 200g. Similar to our current products, this collection has our classic Foodsterr packaging, but smaller. With a resealable zip lock packaging, you will never have stale food in your cupboard. Our Grab and Go Collection is also exceptionally affordable, ranging from $3 to $7, providing you with the option of having premium products at affordable prices.


Benefits of Smaller Quantities

1. Convenient to Bring On the Go

Our Grab and Go collection, as the name speaks for itself, is made for you to bring it on the go easily. It is about half the size of our classic Foodsterr range. Throw it into your bag as a mid-day snack, pack it to picnics and family outings, or bring it along when you travel abroad.

2. Fresher Products

Instead of buying food in bulk which may go bad before you are able to finish consuming it, purchasing food in smaller quantities will help to reduce the issue of stale food in your food cupboard.

3. Able to Try More Products

Our Grab and Go collection is good for those who are interested in starting to eat better. By purchasing this range, you will be able to try out different healthy foods in the collection before committing to a larger quantity. This reduces the damage of having products that you may not fancy as much, and allows you to try out more products without breaking the bank.


Best-Seller Products

1. Ruby Dried Cranberries (100g)

Ruby Dried Cranberries (100g)

Our certified GMO-free cranberries have exceptionally high nutritional and antioxidant content and are often considered one of the world's superfoods. These tart, flavourful morsels are terrific baked into cakes and bread, thrown into salads or yoghurt, or simply eaten on their own as a snack. Available in 100g for $3.40.


2. Organic Walnuts (100g)

Organic Walnuts (100g)

Our USDA certified organic walnuts are not only packed full of omega-3 fats and antioxidants, but it also makes the perfect companion for on-the-go or even as toppings for your salad and yoghurt. Available in 100g for $7.


3. Organic Chia Seeds (100g)

Organic Chia Seeds (100g)

We import our chia seed directly from Agro Condor of Peru, where chia seed was first cultivated 3,000 years ago. Our EU certified organic chia seeds are produced without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or artificial chemicals. Scatter some chia seeds onto your salad or oatmeal, soak them in water and add them to smoothies, or even grind them to use as flour in baking recipes. Available in 100g for $3.90.


Try Out Our Newly Launched Grab and Go Collection Now!


Jie Yeu

Why You Should Switch To Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Why You Should Switch To Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Why You Should Switch To Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, commonly known as EVOO, is the highest quality olive oil in the market. Made from extracting the oil from olives, EVOO is a form of natural oil. This unrefined oil, compared to other olive oils, retains its true olive taste and has lower levels of oleic acid. EVOO has been proven to have multiple health benefits that are supported by scientific research. Used in many Italian and Spanish cuisines, EVOO pairs perfectly with salads, fish, poultry and pasta – one of the most important ingredient in Aglio Olio.


Health Benefits

1. Rich in Healthy Monounsaturated Fats

About 14% of the oil is saturated fat, whereas 11% is polyunsaturated, such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids (Leech, 2018). Bonus point - monounsaturated fats is quite resistant to heat, making it a healthier choice for cooking.

 2. Strong Anti-Inflammatory Properties

EVOO can reduce inflammation. Research also suggests that oleic acid, the main fatty acid in olive oil, can reduce levels of important inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein (CRP) (Leech, 2018). Many use EVOO as part of their skin & haircare routine as well.

 3. Large Amounts of Antioxidants

Antioxidants have powerful biological effects. They help to fight inflammation and protect your blood cholesterol from oxidation.



1. Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Chili, and Garlic

Spaghetti with Olive Oil, Chili, and Garlic

This classic Italian dish is perfect for parties, quick and easy to make.


2. Olive Oil and Sea Salt Truffle Brownies

Olive Oil and Sea Salt Truffle Brownies

Chocolate-y goodness with hints of sea salt and truffle!


3. Pancetta Salmon Kebabs with Parsley Vinaigrette

Pancetta Salmon Kebabs with Parsley Vinaigrette

This dish may look complicated, but is in fact super easy, and delicious!


Shop our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Now!

Shop Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Jie Yeu

WHAT’S HOT: Grower Direct Nuts

WHAT’S HOT: Grower Direct Nuts

grower direct nuts

Nuts are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Packed full of nutrients, these little pieces are the answer to your essential nutrients needs. They make the perfect snack, being easy to pack, store and bring on the go. In addition, nuts are also relatively inexpensive! Thinking of getting some for your food pantry? Try out our Grower Direct Nuts now!


All the way from California USA, Grower Direct Nuts are available in 3 types – California Walnuts, California Almonds, and Roasted & Salted Pistachios. Not only are Grower Direct Nuts great in taste, but they are also one of the best quality nuts available. With quality being Grower Direct’s top priority, all nuts are carefully inspected based on industry standards. These nuts are then packed and sealed for distribution for your consumption.


California Walnuts

california walnuts


Walnuts have a multitude of health benefits. Just a quarter cup of Grower Direct walnuts provides more than your entire daily requirement of omega-3 fats, along with high amounts of copper, manganese, molybdenum, and biotin. Walnuts also contain powerful antioxidants! These tasty morsels are wonderful in salads, stir-fries, baked goods and strewn over your morning cereal for breakfast! Available in 2 sizes, 227g and 454g.


Health Benefits

1. Rich in Antioxidants

2. Plant Source of Omega-3

3. Supports Good Brain Function



White Chocolate Walnut Muffins White Chocolate Walnut Muffins

Toasty, caramelized and irresistible muffins for any special occasions!


California Almonds

California Almonds` 


Among their many health benefits, almonds are a fantastic source of protein and fibre. They keep you feeling full longer, making them an excellent snack throughout the day. Almonds are so versatile -- roast them with spices for a flavourful snack or try your hand at making your own homemade almond butter or almond milk!


Health Benefits

1. High in Monounsaturated Fats

2. High in Vitamin E

3. Lower Cholesterol Levels



Cranberry Almond Coleslaw

Cranberry Almond Coleslaw

 Dried cranberries and roasted almonds go hand in hand to make this perfect coleslaw.


Roasted and Salted Pistachios

Roasted and Salted Pistachios

Pistachios are not only tasty to eat, these little things contain healthy fats and are a good source protein, fiber and antioxidants. These pistachios are roasted and salted to perfection, making them the snack for any occasion. Grab a bunch of these as a midday snack, or whenever you are feeling for an extra crunch!


Health Benefits

1. Good Source of Protein

2. High in Antioxidants

3. Promote Healthy Gut Bacteria



Leek and Potato Galette with Pistachio Crust

Leek and Potato Galette with Pistachio Crust

Adding ground pistachios creates a substantial dough that complements the leeks for these galettes.


Shop Grower Direct Products Now!


Jie Yeu

These are TEFF-rific For You!

These are TEFF-rific For You!These are TEFF-rific For You!

 This ancient grain Teff, originated from Ethiopia and Eritrea. As small as a seed, this little grain is used as a staple for many cuisines back in the day. Most common methods of usage would be making bread, pancakes, or eating it as a side like rice or quinoa. Naturally high in minerals, many who can't tolerate gluten use teff as an alternative, or ways to increase their whole grains intakes. Currently, teff is being used in many commercialised ways, from making pasta to protein bars and pancake mix. (O'CONNOR, 2016)


Health Benefits

1. Free of Gluten

For people who are sensitive to gluten, or thinking of going gluten free, teff is a great alternative for you!

2. Provides long lasting energy

Instead of chugging expensive energy drinks which contains loads of sugar and fat, why not try out a healthier option? Teff grains are purely natural and low in fat, at the same time being able to provide you with high amounts of energy needed for your day.

3. Loaded with fibre

A single serving of these grains provides about 5 grams of fibre, which is much higher than other whole grain flours. Replace your normal baking flour with teff for that added boost of fibre!



1. Gluten Free Teff Crepes

Gluten Free Teff Crepes

These crepes contain higher amounts of fibre compared to your normal flour crepes. Added bonus: it's gluten-free!


2. Tahini Blondies with Blueberry Chia Jam Swirl

Tahini Blondies with Blueberry Chia Jam Swirl

Whether you're looking for a crowd-pleasing dessert to bring to a potluck or seeking something to satisfy your craving for something sweet, these will do just the trick. 


3. Roasted Cauliflower & Teff Grain Salad

Roasted Cauliflower & Teff Grain Salad

An interesting twist to your usual green salads!


Try Out Our Newly Launched Teff Now!


Jie Yeu

Why Organic; Health Benefits and More

Why Organic: Health Benefits and More!

The rising trend in organic foods has been the talk of the town in the food industry recently, whether is it really better for your health or does GMOs and pesticides cause cancer and other related diseases. Is choosing organic instead of conventional more beneficial for you? Here are things you should know about organic food and how to make organic eating more affordable.


Organic and How to Identify It

Organic refers to the way crop is grown and processed. The U.S. definition of organic agriculture must be grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers (Robinson, 2018). The end goal of organic farming practices is to enhance soil and water quality, reduce pollution, and promote a self-sustaining cycle of resources on a farm. Products that meet the organic standard on how such food is grown, handled and processed will be organically certified by The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and have the official USDA Organic seal on the packaging.



Benefits of Choosing Organic

What you put into your body has a great impact on your overall health, be it physically or mentally. Organic foods often provide more nutrients than conventionally grown food. Choosing organic also benefits the environment by the practices that organic farmers adopt.

 1. Organic products contain fewer pesticides

Pesticides such as insecticides and herbicides are widely used in conventional farming. Such chemical residues may be left behind on the food we consume.

2. Higher amounts of antioxidants

Research has shown that antioxidants are substantially higher – between 19% to 69% in organic food (Carrington, 2014). The increase in antioxidants levels is equivalent one to two portions of fruits and vegetables.

3. Organic farming is better for the environment

Organic farming practices are beneficial for the environment by reducing pollution and conserving water and soil quality. The reduction of pesticides used is also better for nearby animals and people living close to the farm.


Making Organic Food Affordable

Organic food is generally more expensive than conventionally-grown food. However, there are many ways to make organic food shopping more affordable.

 1. Shop around various platforms

With the rising organic trend, many grocery stores are importing in more organic food to cater to this market. Shop around the different grocery and online stores to find the best deals and on-going promotions.

2. Know what you will be paying for

It is common for companies in the food industry to use organic foods to make their food sound healthier. However, such snacks and goods often contain high amounts of salt and sugar. Check your labels and ingredients carefully to ensure that you know what you are putting into your body.


Whether to go full organic or opt-in some conventional, it is most important that the food you put into your body is nutritious and good for you. Choosing organic may bring in some added benefits, but ultimately it is the kind of food you choose to consume that matters the most!


Try Out Some of Our Organic Products Now!


Jie Yeu

5 Snacks You Need This FIFA World Cup

5 Snacks You Need This FIFA World Cup

world cup

Snacking and soccer matches come in hand in hand, but are you consuming stuff that are actually good for you? Choosing healthy snacks can offer multiples health benefits for you, at the same time keep your hands and tummy satisfied while watching the game! Put down that bag of unhealthy chips and get your healthy snacks journey started! Here are 5 healthy snacks you need in your snack stash this World Cup.


 1. Organic Soft Dried Mulberries


Amphora Dried White Mulberries are like sweet chewy jewels of goodness! Thousand years ago, they were used by the Greeks and Romans for their many health benefits. The Chinese have used the leaves of the Mulberry tree to feed their silkworm, make tea, and for a variety of health issues. These organic mulberries are grown on the Mediterranean fields in Turkey. They are sun dried to perfection and then rehydrated with spring water to give it a jam-like texture as compared to other dried fruits. Add them into your morning cereal or granola for a surprising new taste, or eat it on its own as a perfect snack will watching the World Cup!


2. Sesame and Quinoa Purple Corn Chips

 purple corn chips

Drop that bag of overly flavoured potato chips and try out these purple corn chips instead! Purple corn contains high amounts of anthocyanins, which are miracle molecules found in darkly coloured fruits and vegetables. Originated from Peru, these gluten-free organic purple corn chips are made without chemical pesticides, fertilizers, and other artificial chemicals. Add some colour to your party and dunk these chips in your favourite guacamole, salsa or cheese dip!


3. Brazil Nuts

 brazil nuts

Nuts lovers, have you tried brazil nuts? Brazil nuts are grown in rich rainforest soils, making them rich in a wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and phytochemicals. These nuts are the perfect healthy snacks for a healthy diet, and pairs perfectly with cakes and other baked goods. Fun fact; Brazil nuts are actually not from Brazil, but Peru!


4. High Protein Granola


Granola can be considered as a healthier form of cereal, and it is just as good as them! Containing rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, chopped almonds and walnuts, and brown rice syrup, this mixed goodness is the perfect breakfast food to start your day right! Furthermore, it is toasted and ready-to-eat, and packaged in a handy portion sized sachets for you to bring over to your friend’s place and watch the soccer match together!


5. Organic Dried Cranberries


Are you craving for something tangy? Try out dried cranberries! Cranberries have exceptionally high nutritional and antioxidant content and are often considered one of the world’s superfoods. These organic tart, flavourful morsels are terrific baked into cakes and bread, or thrown into salads and yogurt as toppings. You can even have them on its own as the perfect snack while supporting your favourite country!


Choosing the right snacks is as important as any other diet tips can get. Choose snacks that are actually good for you, for a better and healthier World Cup season!


Jie Yeu

5 Ways to Make Your Ramadan Meals Healthier

5 Ways to Make Your Ramadan Meals Healthier

5 Ways to Make Your Ramadan Meals Healthier

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, marks the start of the holy month of fasting. During this period, Muslims around the world fast between sunup to sundown, limiting their eating and drinking times from dusk till dawn. It is also during this month that Muslims tend to binge-eat to make up for the loss during the day, resulting in unideal habits and the indulgent of unhealthy food and drinks. Here are some ways to help make your Ramadan meals healthier for a better fasting season.


1. Replace White Rice with Quinoa

Replace White Rice with Quinoa

Quinoa’s texture is very much like white rice, with a grainier texture and a nuttier taste. However, the health benefits of quinoa outweigh white rice with no doubt. Quinoa has about 40 fewer calories as compared to white rice, with it providing you with 5 more grams of fiber and even double the amount of protein. Furthermore, white rice is a form of refined starch, which is not ideal if you are looking into shedding a few pounds this Ramandan season.


2. Hydrate Yourself with Green Smoothies

Hydrate Yourself with Green Smoothies

Ditch the overly sweetened fizzy drinks and replace it with a green smoothie instead! Green smoothies are packed load of fiber and antioxidants, at the same time providing you with a boost of energy and nutrition which will definitely help you get past your day easier. Add in some fruits to sweeten things up or even chia seeds for that added texture in your drink!


3. Choose Dates that are Good for You

Choose Dates that are Good for You

Traditionally, dates are consumed when people broke their fast. Dates are an excellent source of fiber, potassium and carbohydrates which are essential nutrients for the body. However, many conventional dates sold in stores usually have tons of refined sugar added into them, which is not ideal especially after a day of fasting. Make it a good habit to always check for the ingredients stated on the packaging to avoid such products which are not good for you at all.


4. Prepare a Healthy Midnight Snack

Prepare a Healthy Midnight Snack

If you ever get hungry in the middle of the night, ensure that you always have some sort of healthy snack prepared beforehand! This prevents you from being tempted by a bag of potato chips or instant noodles. Try out these energy nut balls made from dates, hazelnuts and rolled oats. These little treats are bound to satisfy any sugar cravings you may have and fill your tummy up at the same time!


5. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water

To prevent yourself from dehydration, drink enough water before and after your fast. Water is required for digestion and absorption of nutrients and helps with the elimination of waste products. Add in some chia seeds to further boost your fiber intake or squeeze in some lemon juice for extra flavour in your water.


These are simple habits you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle this Ramadan, easy and healthy at the same time for a better fasting season!


Jie Yeu


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