5 Ways to Make Your Ramadan Meals Healthier

5 Ways to Make Your Ramadan Meals Healthier

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, marks the start of the holy month of fasting. During this period, Muslims around the world fast between sunup to sundown, limiting their eating and drinking times from dusk till dawn. It is also during this month that Muslims tend to binge-eat to make up for the loss during the day, resulting in unideal habits and the indulgent of unhealthy food and drinks. Here are some ways to help make your Ramadan meals healthier for a better fasting season.


1. Replace White Rice with Quinoa

Replace White Rice with Quinoa

Quinoa’s texture is very much like white rice, with a grainier texture and a nuttier taste. However, the health benefits of quinoa outweigh white rice with no doubt. Quinoa has about 40 fewer calories as compared to white rice, with it providing you with 5 more grams of fiber and even double the amount of protein. Furthermore, white rice is a form of refined starch, which is not ideal if you are looking into shedding a few pounds this Ramandan season.


2. Hydrate Yourself with Green Smoothies

Hydrate Yourself with Green Smoothies

Ditch the overly sweetened fizzy drinks and replace it with a green smoothie instead! Green smoothies are packed load of fiber and antioxidants, at the same time providing you with a boost of energy and nutrition which will definitely help you get past your day easier. Add in some fruits to sweeten things up or even chia seeds for that added texture in your drink!


3. Choose Dates that are Good for You

Choose Dates that are Good for You

Traditionally, dates are consumed when people broke their fast. Dates are an excellent source of fiber, potassium and carbohydrates which are essential nutrients for the body. However, many conventional dates sold in stores usually have tons of refined sugar added into them, which is not ideal especially after a day of fasting. Make it a good habit to always check for the ingredients stated on the packaging to avoid such products which are not good for you at all.


4. Prepare a Healthy Midnight Snack

Prepare a Healthy Midnight Snack

If you ever get hungry in the middle of the night, ensure that you always have some sort of healthy snack prepared beforehand! This prevents you from being tempted by a bag of potato chips or instant noodles. Try out these energy nut balls made from dates, hazelnuts and rolled oats. These little treats are bound to satisfy any sugar cravings you may have and fill your tummy up at the same time!


5. Drink Plenty of Water

Drink Plenty of Water

To prevent yourself from dehydration, drink enough water before and after your fast. Water is required for digestion and absorption of nutrients and helps with the elimination of waste products. Add in some chia seeds to further boost your fiber intake or squeeze in some lemon juice for extra flavour in your water.


These are simple habits you can incorporate into your daily lifestyle this Ramadan, easy and healthy at the same time for a better fasting season!


Jie Yeu