Give Paleo Diet and Lifestyle a Real Go!

The Paleo diet (a.k.a as the primal diet), refers to food consumed by the native ancestors. This diet largely comprises of meat, seafood, vegetable, fruits, nuts and seeds. All about consuming food that were presently available, straight from the Earth.

Continue reading to find out more on the scientifically proven benefits of the Paleo Diet! Paleo diet can contain organic superfoods as well! 



Sustained Weight Loss

One significant contributing factor to weight gain is overeating. However, one amazing benefit of the Paleo diet is its satiety. By adopting the Paleo diet, it helps the individual to have increased satisfaction with their meal, not have any strange cravings or frequently feel hungry. Thus, the person will tend to eat less and be more in tune with actual hunger and not other types of hunger that stem from cravings or emotions. This results in significant weight loss in comparison to before.

Reduced Inflammation

There are 2 types of inflammation, the acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is helpful in treating wounds and cuts. However, one that suffers from chronic inflammation will increase his/her chances of contracting cancer and other potential health diseases. Therefore, the Paleo diet is one that consists of an anti-inflammatory diet. It is a diet that is rich in healthy fats and nutrient dense foods. Correct ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids is ensured in this diet.

Rich in healthy fats

The Paleo diet promotes healthy saturated fats from the meat and poultry one consumes. Also, lots of monounsaturated fats from the healthy oil, nuts and seeds give rise to the healthy ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. Having knowledge and consumption of the right type of fats will enable you to better function your brain cells and add a healthy glow to your skin.

Reduces risk of contracting diseases

The common causes of death among adults include heart attacks, cancer and diabetes. By going on a Paleo diet, individuals will face a reduced risk of contracting such diseases with the lifestyle that comes from committing to such diet. Likewise, Rheumatoid Arthritis is a common illness faced by the older generation. Yet, the Paleo diet is proven to help prevent the occurrence of this autoimmune disease. The anti-inflammatory properties present in the Paleo diet will less likely lead to the tissues becoming damaged around joints. Thereafter, preventing pain and swelling of the joints.  



Nut and Seeds Crackers

Replenish the carbs you need by trying out this nut and seeds crackers recipe! Looks good? Tastes good!


Check out the recipe here: Nuts and Seeds Crackers


Strawberry Chia Lemonade

A must-try delicious, healthy and energy boosting drink! Just what you need under the scorching hot sun!


Check out the recipe here: Strawberry Chia Lemonade


Do check out this website to know more about the type of nuts and seeds you should include in your Paleo Diet! 

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Oats Fiber Flour - Classic Flour No More!

If you are wondering what the oat fiber flour may be, it is essentially a ground meal that is produced from oats. Not only does it contain high levels of nutritional value such as the protein, mineral and fiber content, oat flour also has a natural sweet taste and a light texture that contributes to the flavour of your baked good. It is also an excellent substitute for celiac individuals or those who are gluten intolerant!


What’s the benefit in adopting Oat Fiber Flour?

Reduces risk of developing heart diseases

Oats contain a relatively high antioxidant count, especially with a type of unique antioxidant called AVAs (avenanthramides) that performs 10-30 times more powerful than other antioxidants. This equips oat with properties that enable them to protect the human body from heart disease, colorectal cancer and inflammation, further improving the condition of the heart.

Furthermore, oats have a rich source of dietary fiber found in them. This is essential as dietary fiber aids in significantly reducing the risk of developing heart diseases through a multifaceted mechanism that lowers one’s cholesterol and inflammation simultaneously. In the process, the insulin resistance improves as well.


Helps diabetic persons

5% of the total fiber found in oat flour belongs to a type of fiber called beta glucans, which has been clinically proven to serve as a treatment towards diabetes. Diabetes refers to a condition where the human body’s unable to regulate the blood sugar level due to several factors. Hence, beta glucans assist in lowering both the blood sugar levels and insulin levels, effectively managing the type 2 diabetes. In addition, beta glucan is also able to minimise insulin resistance and improve the insulin sensitivity, further allowing the body to fight against the damage of its organs and body system.


Lowers Bad Cholesterol Level

Heart diseases and diabetes has been linked to the high levels of cholesterol in one’s body, which is significantly contributed by obesity and unhealthy weight gain. Often, those that suffer from these conditions have high LDL Cholesterol levels which are “bad cholesterol” that needs to be removed from the body, but ends up building and clogging up in the arteries of the heart. With that, the beta glucan found in oats has been proven to have a posititve effect on blood serum levels of LDL Cholesterol, assisting in clearing up the blood vessel passage, reducing the risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases.


Decreases blood pressure

People that have high blood pressure experiences various negative symptoms such as shortness of breath, anxiety and health disorders such as heart attack and many more. Hence, beta glucan found in oats has been clinically proven to have delivered a significant reduction in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


Satiety Star

Oat also possesses several properties that make it an effective tool for weight management as well as a slow-burning superfood that can provide one with long-lasting energy throughout the day. Excessive calorie consumption is a contributing factor towards excessive weight gain. Hence, oats has actually been found to have a profound effect on the satiety mechanism in the body, or the process that creates the sensation of “fullness” after a meal. 


Discover healthy recipes with the use of Oat Fiber Flour!

Quinoa Banana Oat Pancakes.

Start your day with a sweet and refreshing plate of pancakes drizzled with some maple syrup. Classic pancakes, no more!


Check out the recipe here: Quinoa Banana Oat Pancakes

Not to worry, if you are craving for something savoury, the recipe below is for you!


Cheddar Cornbread Muffins with Kale

This quick and easy savoury muffin recipe is a perfect way to eat more kale, together with the complement of cornmeal and oat fiber flour in the mix!


Check out the recipie here: Cheddar Cornbread Muffins with Kale


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Living the Gluten-Free life!

To start off, Gluten are essentially the form of protein found in wheat, rye, barley and other related grains.



Find out more on the benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet!

Often, Gluten-free diet translates to better health. It refers to a diet that includes everything but the protein-gluten.

A gluten-free diet is usually recommended for individuals that has celiac disease (disorder that occurs where indigestion of gluten will result in inflammation and damage of intestines) or persons that shows sensitivity or intolerance towards products that contain gluten in them. If the digestive tract does not absorb the nutrients from the food, it will result in loss of nutrients for the individual. Due to indigestion, the individual may suffer from bloated stomach. Hence, consuming non-gluten products will enable reduced bloating that calms the uneasiness.

According to research studies, consuming a gluten-free diet also causes an increase in energy levels. With that, children that suffered from autism did demonstrated significant improvements in their behaviour when they were placed on diet such as this.

Gluten-free diets promotes healthy weight-loss as it encourages individuals to consume more fruits and vegetables which are gluten free. As a result, the body will experience a stronger immune system that enables one to keep away from viruses and germs.


Make Your Meal Complete with Gluten-Free Recipes!

Appetizer: Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Toss your conventional pumpkin seeds with a mix of spices and you’re good to go! A great tasting and healthy snack!


Check out the recipe here: Spiced Pumpkin Seeds


Main: Quinoa Lagsana

Ever wondered how Lagsana can be made Gluten Free!? Try out this dish, a healthy twist with the addition of quinoa!


Check out the recipe here: Quinoa Lagsana


Dessert: Almond Flour Brownie

Last but not the least, enjoy a chocolatey fudge brownie. Top it up with a scoop of ice cream if you like!


Check out the recipe here: Almond Flour Brownie


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Go nuts for Nuts!

Good things come in small packages and nuts are one of them! Ever wondered what’s the good in nuts? Continue reading to find out more!

Benefits of Nuts:

Excellent source of nutrients

Nutrients include Vitamins B, E, and other minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc can be found in nuts. So, to all that’s on a low-carb diet, nuts is the way to go!

High in Fiber

A regular and large intake of fiber will keep you full and reduces your daily calories intake.

High in Antioxidants

Nuts are rich in antioxidants! According to scientists, antioxidants present in nuts shields the delicate fats in your cells against oxidation and inflammation. Fun fact: Polyphenols found in nuts can fight against stress by neutralizing free radicals that are harmful to cells. Having sufficient free radicals is beneficial for the body’s immune system, however, excess will lead to cell damage. Excess oxidative stress also results in increased risk of contracting diseases.

Weight Management

Contrary to popular belief, though high in calories, it has been tested and proven that consuming nuts can significantly help in weight loss than weight gain. This is because not all the calories will be absorbed by our human body. A portion of the fats will be trapped within the nut’s fibrous wall during the digestion process.

Lowers Cholesterol

Due to its high content of fatty acids, nuts have a lowering-cholesterol power present in them. In the process of lowering the LDL (“Bad” Cholesterol), levels of HDL (“Good” Cholesterol) will increase significantly.

Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes contracted by humans. This condition occurs when the glucose level in the human’s body is higher than normal. Because nuts are low in carbohydrate and do not raise the sugar level, people who has type 2 diabetes should therefore include nuts in their diets.  Studies also shows that these nuts also leads to lower risk of contracting heart-related diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attack.


Delicious recipes that make you go nuts:

-      Almonds

Fun Fact: Almonds are 100% reliant on wild and honey bees for crop pollination. That is, no bees, no almonds!


See recipe here: Chocolate Almond Smoothie


-      Brazil Nuts

Fun Fact: Brazil isn’t the world’s biggest producer for Brazil Nuts, it is Bolivia that counts for 50% of its production!


See recipe here: Apricot and Brazil Nut Couscous


-      Hazelnuts

Fun Fact: Did you know that 1st June of every year is national Hazelnut Cake Day?


See recipe here: Cranberry-Hazelnut Green Bean Salad


-      Macadamias 

Fun Fact: Macadamia Nuts are easily the most expensive nuts in the world!

See recipe here: Macadamia Fruit Crumble


-      Pecans 

Fun Fact: “Pecan” is from an Algonquian word, meaning a nut requiring a stone to crack. Do you know that it would take 11,624 pecans stacked end to end to achieve the height of the Empire State Building in NYC!

See recipe here: Mini Pecan Tarts


-      Pistachios

Fun fact: Did you know that Pistachios are one of the oldest nuts that were commonly used in the world!

See recipe here: Pistachio Pancakes


-      Walnuts

Fun Fact: Greeks called walnuts “karyon”, when translated, means “head”, because the shell resembles a human skull and the walnut kernel is similar looking to a human brain!


See recipe here: Chewy Walnut Trail Bars


Not only are nuts delicious, they are also widely available! organic nuts singapore, where to find them? Do check out the sale of products over here at Foodsterr! 

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