Maple syrups are in fact unrefined natural sweeteners. Don’t just think of them as sugar foods, when used in appropriate amounts, its nutrition benefits can be amazing!


Benefits of Maple Syrup

Contains Numerous Antioxidants

There is a significant total amount of antioxidant content present in the natural sweetener as compared to refined sugar products like white sugar or corn syrup. Maple syrup nutrition is impressive when it comes to supplying protective antioxidants. These antioxidants such as benzoic and gallic acid are beneficial in reducing free radical damage that may cause inflammation and a range of chronic diseases.


Fights Inflammatory Diseases

Antioxidants present in maple syrup, such as those mentioned earlier on, aid in reducing inflammation. Hence, this healthy diet is helpful in preventing certain diseases such as arthritis or inflammatory bowel diseases. Likewise, maple syrup’s plant-based compounds reduce oxidative stress, allowing us to age at a slower rate and increase the strength of our immune system.


Helps prevent Cancer

While research has shown that consuming a high amount of sugar content can cause cancer, maple syrup seems to appear as a less harmful sweetener. Surprising, isn’t it? Because of the presence of antioxidants in it, cells are protected from DNA damage and mutation. Maple syrup alone will not necessarily reduce the likelihood of developing cancer, but certainly so in comparison with refined sugar.


Protects Skin Health

Ever thought that maple syrup could be used as a face mask? Similar to raw honey, maple syrup can aid in lowering one’s skin inflammation, blemishes, dryness and redness. When combined with Aloe Vera or raw milk, the natural mixture hydrates the skin while reducing spread of bacteria and signs of irritation. 

DIY Maple Syrup Face Masks:


Supplies Important Vitamins and Minerals

Besides being high in antioxidants, maple syrup contains fairly large amounts of zinc, manganese, potassium and calcium. Zinc fights illness and improves immunity due to increase count of white blood cells, while manganese is critical in fat and carbohydrate metabolism, blood sugar regulation, brain and nerve function.


Healthier Alternative to Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners, while they may be calorie-fee, are tied to several health problems which includes weight-gain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, short-term memory and many more. Over time, too much consumption of such artificial sugars will make it almost impossible to achieve weight loss. Addiction to these artificial sweeteners may surface as a person satisfies his/her cravings, thus affecting the body’s ability to manage signs of hunger and fullness. Maple syrup’s not linked to any of those health problems mentioned, but instead triggers more satisfaction due to its sweet taste!


Unconventional Recipes of Maple Syrup!

Roasted Maple Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

Spice your sweet potatoes up with a tinge of cinnamon and toss it in a glaze of olive oil and maple syrup. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Even if you’re a sweet potato hater, these will be guaranteed amazing!


Check out the recipe here: Roasted Maple Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes


Sesame Maple Roasted Tofu

Soft tofu paired with snap peas tossed with maple syrup, sesame oil and sesame seed. Complete this quick and healthy dinner dish with udon or any of your all-time favourite noodles!


Check out the recipe here: Sesame Maple Roasted Tofu 


Maple Peanut Butter Fudge

All you require is 4 ingredients, mix them together, boil for 2 mins, then freeze for 2-3 hours and you’re good to indulge in these little cups of goodness! Naturally Vegan and Gluten-free. Try them out today!

Check out the recipe here: Maple Peanut Butter Fudge 


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Samantha Ngo