Many may think that dried mango has high sugar level content and is “fattening”. But, in fact, if the right kind of dried mango is purchased, using dried rather than fresh mango is the way to meet your nutrients and diet control.


Benefits of Consuming Dried Mango:

  1. Anti-Cancer

Mangoes possess abundant enzymes and phenols such as gallic acid and astragalin that helps prevent the occurrence of cancer. Dried mango is also high in soluble dietary fiber. It has been scientifically proven that there is a correlation, if one consumes lots of fiber, there will be a lower risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. Mangoes provides you with the daily source of vitamin C needed, the potent antioxidant found in them will protect your cells free from radical damage and boosts your immunity system, thus reducing the risk of cancer.

  1.  Skin Benefits

Mango effectively relieves clogged pores of the skin. Individuals suffering from acne will benefit from the use of mango. Likewise, eating mangoes on a regular basis will make the complexion fair with a soft and shining skin. Dried Mango combats the signs of aging skin and stimulate the production of collagen.

  1. Benefits for Diabetes

Dried mango also boasts small amounts of potassium – an important mineral that controls the balance of fluids in our body, helps to control heart rate and relax blood vessel walls, thus preventing high blood pressure.

  1. Memory Boost

Dried Mango contains Glutamine acid which are good to boost memory and keep cells active.

  1. Healthy Eyes

Dried mango is an excellent source of vitamin A, that aids in improving scotopic vision (vision under a low light conditions) and enhances colour vision. Furthermore, dried mangoes prevent the chances of night blindness, refractive errors, dryness or burning of the eye.

  1. Digestion

Dried mango fights against acidity and poor digestions because of the enzyme that soothes the stomach. The high amount of fiber present in dried mango helps to improve the overall digestive health of individuals by cleansing the intestines and regulating the bowel movements.

  1. Rich in Iron

Lastly, dried mango is also rich in both iron and calcium. Lack of iron will trigger the reduction in the number of red blood cells and lead to anaemia (a condition that results in tiredness, lethargy, shortness of breath and pale complexion). This is especially crucial for women, as females are vulnerable to shortage of iron during her periods. Likewise, sufficient calcium intake is important for pregnant women, for the baby’s bones and health. The lack of calcium results in bones becoming weak and fragile, hence causing osteoporosis.


Time to explore these delicious Dried Mango recipes!

1. Quinoa Mango Granola

Start your day with a bowl of yummy granola! Easy to prepare under 30 mins. If you would like, you could add some yoghurt to give it a creamy texture and complete your meal.

Recipe: Quinoa Mango Granola

2. Mango Bars

Have you heard of mango blondie? Do check out this recipe made with brown butter and loaded with dried mangoes, leaving you with sweet caramel flavour.

Recipe: Mango Bars

 3. Blueberry Mango Amish Friendship Bread

This weekend, treat your family and friends to this wonderful combination of blueberry and mango bread! Adding colour to the classic loaf, this fuss-free preparation will leave you satisfied.

 Recipe: Blueberry Mango Amish Friendship Bread 


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Samantha Ngo