The story began at home. Rudolfs was born because a mother, like every other mother, wanted the best for her child. She kept developing new recipes and would not rest until they were perfected to the last ingredient. With the desire to deliver the highest quality food for babies the story and incorporation of Rudolfs began.

Babies grow faster in their first year than at any time in their lives, so what you feed your little one is one of the most important decisions you make. Thankfully we have products like Rudolfs organic baby food, that make you feel good about what you are feeding your baby. Using the highest standards of quality, fruits and vegetables are carefully packed and sealed, guaranteeing only the best ingredients go into each little spoonful you give your child. Rudolfs carefully selects raw material suppliers and thoroughly controls each step of the manufacturing process. Rudolfs organic baby products are 100% natural with no additives, no added sugar and no preservatives.  We take pride in providing premium quality baby foods which are BRC accredited, organic and halal certified. Uncompromising on quality and 100% natural, only Rudolfs gives you the natural taste your baby loves!

We carry a wide range of products that serve as a nutritious meal for your little one.



1. Rudolfs Organic Pear, Banana & Gooseberry Puree 4+ Months

Crafted for babies from 4 months, this recipe's nourishing pears, mashed bananas and fresh gooseberries create a winning combo of flavor and fiber while providing your little one a full day's worth of Vitamin C. Pears are gentle on the stomach and help speed up digestion. Bananas are packed with important nutrients and help your baby grow strong bones. Rudolfs gluten free organic baby puree contains 100% fruits (65% pear, 28% banana and 7% gooseberry). Available in 110g and in 880g (8pcs).

2. Rudolfs Organic Apple, Banana, Prune & Biscuits Puree 6+ Months

This fruit puree full of vitamins and freshness will surely be loved by your baby, with new tastes so fruity and so sweet. Apple and bananas complement each other perfectly and supplement the growing body’s needs by providing a variety of nutrients. Prunes are rich in vitamins and fiber and help maintain digestion. Rudolfs organic baby puree is made from 67.5% apple, 25.5% banana, 4% prunes, 3% biscuits (wheat flour, butter, sour cream, potato starch). Available in 110g and in 880g (8pcs).

3. Rudolfs Organic Pear & Prune Puree 4+ Months

Pears and prunes are a fruity match made in heaven! They are a happy-belly staple for babies. They are a great choice for one of baby’s first fruits are they are gentle on the stomach, good for digestion and are high in fiber, potassium and vitamins. Rudolfs organic baby puree is made from 100% fruits (75% pear, 25% prunes). Available in 110g and in 880g (8pcs).

4. Rudolfs Organic Mango, Banana & Quince Puree 4+ Months

This recipe is all about the exciting flavors of juicy mangoes, organic bananas and quince. Mango is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients. It helps in digestion and boosts baby’s immunity level. Banana and quince are rich in nutrients like Vitamins A, B, C, fiber and minerals like potassium which contribute to baby’s good health. Rudolfs gluten free organic baby puree is made from 100% fruits (68% mango, 30% banana, 2% quince). It’s definitely a yummy meal with a balanced, just-sweet-enough flavor. Available in 110g and in 880g (8pcs).

5. Rudolfs Organic Apple, Banana, Strawberry and Cream 6+ Months

Who doesn’t love the combination of fruits and cream? Organic apples, bananas, strawberries and cream come together to make this hearty, textured fruit puree. Apples, bananas and berries are packed with nutrients essential for your baby’s good health. Cream provides calcium for your baby and strawberries supplement it with vitamin C which is extremely essential to strengthen your baby's immunity. Rudolfs organic baby puree is made from 58% apple, 21% banana, 17% strawberry and 4% cream. Available in 110g and in 880g (8pcs).

6. Rudolfs Organic Apple, Banana & Blueberry Puree 4+ Months

Tasty trio! Packed with fruits that help in heart and bone development, this puree provides a big dose of nutrients to your baby in a super tasty way! Bananas and blueberries are a great pair, and apples are tasty in almost any recipe. Blueberries are a super food when it comes to antioxidants, and it is important to add them to your baby’s diet. They reduce the severity and duration of colds, kill bacteria and protect eyesight. Rudolfs gluten free organic baby puree is made from 100% fruits (53% apple, 35% banana, 12% blueberry). Available in 110g for and in 880g (8pcs).

7. Rudolfs Organic Carrot, Pumpkin & Potato Baby Puree 4+ Months

Made with a full serving of vegetables, this yummy jar will surely be a winner with your baby’s expanding taste buds. Pumpkin not only contains essential nutrients but is also rich in tryptophan, which has been shown to help baby relax, unwind and sleep better. Potato is one of the safest vegetables that may be introduced as an early food to your baby. It is rich in carbohydrates and provides ample energy to your growing baby. Lastly, carrot boosts baby’s eye health.  Rudolfs organic baby puree contains 20% pumpkin, 30% potato, water and 15% carrot. Available in 190g.

8. Rudolfs Organic Mango Baby Puree 4+ Months

This puree is mango-nificent! Mangoes are one of the healthiest fruits you can offer your baby. They are highly nutritious and needless to say, delicious. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals which enhance brain development, protect eyesight, develop immunity and speed up digestion for your growing baby. Rudolfs gluten free organic mango baby puree contains 100% mango. Available in 120g.



9. Rudolfs Organic Cauliflower Baby Puree 4+ Months

You would want your baby to develop a taste and liking for vegetables right from the beginning. This is where Rudolfs comes in handy! Try Rudolfs gluten free organic cauliflower baby puree that promotes bone development, digestion and immunity for your baby. Available in 120g.

10. Rudolfs Organic Whole Grain Oat Baby Porridge with Fruits 4+ Months

Breakfast in a jar! This perfect combination of whole grain oat porridge and wholesome fruits serves as a nutritious meal to fill your baby’s stomach. Oats are highly nutritional. The high fiber content makes them easily digestible. Mixing wholegrain oats and fruits can give your infant an opportunity to experience a variety of flavors as well as obtain a wide range of nutrients. Rudolfs gluten free organic porridge jar contains 65% fruits (banana, mango, apple), water and 5% whole grain oat flakes. Available in 120g.

11. Rudolfs Organic Risotto for Babies 8+ Months

This traditional Italian dish makes a mildly-spiced meal for babies who are fond of bland yet tasty food. The vegetables provide vitamins and fiber, while the cheese adds protein and calcium to your baby's diet.  It's great for kids that are new to solids as it is tasty, easy to eat and nutritious. Rudolfs organic risotto contains 23% carrot, 16% cauliflower, 4,5% rice, 4% green peas, 3% cheese and spices: garlic, dill, parsley. Available in 190g.

We consider and appreciate the benefits of consuming natural organic products and if you share these values, then Rudolfs products are the ones for your child! Bon appétit baby!


Areej Khan