Olivos Olive Oil Spa Mud Soap, 250g


250 grams
Olivos SPA series Mud soap have been formulated by using 100% extra virgin olive oil and the unique natural mud minerals to give you the best SPA experience at home. Enriched with mineral mud extracts and olive oil, Olivos SPA Mud soap gently but effectively cleanses your skin while helping to restore the skin's natural and very beautiful state by leaving the skin totally refreshed. Mud offers hydration for dry skin while feeding the skin with essential minerals which help skin look healthy and balanced. Olivos SPA Mud soap has great benefits for your skin to exfoliate, deep clean, stimulate and provide much needed minerals. Moreover, mud acts as a scrub and removes any dirt particles, impurities, and toxins, firmly peeling away dead skin cells to reveal healthy looking skin. Also, you can enjoy this soap as a facial mask by lathering, applying to your face, and leaving for five minutes as a purifying mask. Rinse softly. Olivos SPA Mud soap will gently purify your pores, leaving your skin silky and shiny. Olivos SPA Mud soap clears dead cells and makes the skin look smooth. Due to its moisture balancing quality it is recommended for all skin types. Made with 100% extra virgin olive oil soap, paraben-free, sulphate-free, not animal tested, without palm oil, vegan.
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