Woohoo! Foodsterr has officially come out with our own line of nut butters! Our range of nut butters are guaranteed organic and preservatives free, so you won't have to worry about all the unnecessary junk you tend to see in the regular jars of nut butters. The purer the ingredients, the better! What's more, there are some unique flavours in our line to help change up your usual nut butter palette, so what are you waiting for - grab yourself a bottle before it sells out.




The range includes: 

  • Organic Notella Hazelnut Cacao Butter with Coconut Sugar
  • Organic Cashew Butter
  • Organic Cashew Chia Butter
  • Organic Almond Butter
  • Organic Almond Cacao Butter
  • Organic Hazelnut Butter


To celebrate this launch, we decided to share 5 health benefits of nuts & nut butters as a whole. Here at Foodsterr, we believe that there is nothing better than healthy food that tastes amazing. So make yourself a nut butter snack & get reading!


1. Source of Healthy Fats

Nuts are an amazing source of healthy, unsaturated fats! Now wait, don't go scrolling away in fear just yet, healthy fats are actually good for the body! Our bodies need healthy fats in order to thrive. Healthy fats are important to help support our metabolism, increase immunity and fight mental fatigue. All very important factors that help dictate our mood and energy levels in our everyday lives.


2. Weight Control

Another key importance of healthy fats is how it helps us feel fuller and more satiated throughout the day. This might come as a shock to some who think that fats = weight gain. Now, this is not necessarily true! Because the healthy fats and higher protein and fiber content in nuts help increase levels of satiety, it is proven that we tend to consume fewer calories on a diet with an adequate amount of healthy fats vs someone else who doesn't. However, it is indeed calorically dense but a small handful goes a long way anyway. Who would have thought that (healthy) fats = a method for weight control, but there you go!


3. Nutrient Dense

Nuts are highly nutrient dense food, rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins (like vitamins E & B6) and minerals (like magnesium, protein, and copper). Consider nuts or nut butters as an option for a highly nutritious snack!


4. Antioxidant Galore

Nuts are rich in the antioxidant - polyphenols, which help neutralize free radicals to fight oxidative stress and protect our cells from damage. Amazing!


5. Good for your Heart

Nuts have the potential to significantly reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke. This is because nuts benefit our cholesterol levels and improve our body's artery function.


What are you waiting for? Try Foodsterr's Organic Nut Butter Range Now!


Debra Pereira