We at Foodsterr want to help you eat better.

We started Foodsterr to share our products with you – home cooks, bakers, fitness folks and everyone interested in eating right.

We have scoured the globe for top quality food products. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of quality, freshness, value, and service.

Bake your own granola for breakfast, whip up some quinoa for lunch, and keep a bag of raw almonds in your bag to snack on anytime. With our nutritious, affordable ingredients, better eating can happen every day.

Join us and start eating better!

Who We are

Foodsterr was created by Ken Davis, Gareth Davis, Deepika Patel and Nehal Patel.

Ken Davis an industry veteran of 20 years has been importing the best ingredients from around the world.

Gareth Davis runs Hotbake 24/7, an innovative hot sandwich vending machine business in Singapore.

Deepika Patel used to be an investment professional, and has since changed gears to become a tiger mom who insists on the best food for her family. She is the inspiration behind a lot of the products we carry in our retail section.

Nehal Patel is an IT veteran with a passion for combining top quality food products with the best, most convenient online shopping experience for folks in Singapore.


From the farm to your table

Our products are sourced from farms and manufacturers which are committed to the highest standards of food safety and quality. Our main distributor, has achieved ISO 22000 certification. Meet some of our manufacturers here.

To ensure that our products stay fresh, we keep all of our products in cold storage before they are delivered to you. We have specially sourced for our packaging to be re-sealable in high quality standup pouches and keep out light and moisture. Even our labels have been thought through - they are waterproof. They will not disintegrate when our products go in and out of your fridge!

we want a better world

help us!

Starvation, wars, child rights - they exist today and we need to do something about it! Foodsterr supports many organizations - Majullah Singapura, NTUC Health, CRY India and more in their efforts to improve the lives of folks around the world.