Wholegrain 9 Blend


25.00 kilograms

InfraReady's 9 GrainBlend is prepared from high quality ingredients that have been processed usingnfra-redechnology. Our precooking technology gelatinizes the starches within the grains, increasing their ability to absorb and retain moisture. Increased water retention slows the loss of moisture from the crumb structure helping decrease the rate at which products go stale allowing the products to stay fresher, longer. The distinct colour and flavour of the 9 Grain Blend is unique to InfraReady's and will enhance any bread or bakery formulation. Certified Halal, Certified Kosher (COR225), No additives or preservatives. Ingredients: Brown flax (Canadian origin), Precooked AnthoGrain wheat flakes (Canadian origin), Precooked Triticale flakes (Canadian origin), Precooked rye flakes (Canadian origin), Precooked barley flakes (Canadian origin), White sesame seed (Indian origin), Precooked Spelt Meal (Canadian Origin), Organic Quinoa (Bolivian/PeruvianOrigin), Hulled Millet (U.S.A. Origin)

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